SmartCloud Connect for SpringCM works where you do. Whenever you need to send an email, your documents are within a 1-click reach

Each business process revolves around documents. From hiring a contractor to closing a customer, every organizational silo is involved in tons of paperwork and more often than not, it is the document-related process that turns out to be the bottleneck of business deals. Without a team collaboration, on-hand access, and a full-fledged integration, contracts take longer to sign, deals pause, and your business revenue suffers.

Organize, share, and reach the documents you store in SpringCM, right from your Inbox

Leverage a flexible, scalable central repository with an intuitive folder structure, adjusting to the way your organization works in your Outlook and Gmail. With each incoming email, you can save and organize your documents to SpringCM. You can generate a shareable link for your documents and share it internally team-wide, or externally with your customers. You can also set reminders in accordance with the due date of each of your document-driven workflows, unique to your business. With a robust search, you're also all-set to find any document, defining keyword, phrase, or custom tag that you've created, fast.

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Streamline your document and contract workflows

SmartCloud Connect and SpringCM give you a bird's-eye view of your entire contract process. Within your Inbox, you can interact with your SpringCM business workflows, modify your Approval Workflows and access your Advanced Workflow features. There's no need to switch between Microsoft Word, Google Docs, your CRM, Calendars and Inbox, - you can significantly save time by leveraging the functionality of all these systems right beside your emails.

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Deliver the right document / contract at the right time

Become instantly more productive with all your documents at hand through your mailbox. Each time you're reaching out your prospects via emails, SmartCloud Connect allows you to choose the exact document you need, stored in SpringCM, without the need to shuffle through multiple interfaces.

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Connect with Salesforce, any other CRM, or use no CRM at all

Connect your custom document-driven workflows with your contacts, accounts, opportunities, and any other records in CRM - directly within your Outlook or Gmail. This joint solution provides complete access to all of your Salesforce data, any other CRM data, as simply data of your Inbox with no CRM at all. If you use CRM, you can literally bring it into your Inbox, sync all of your emails and meetings with documents and contracts, stored in SpringCM and access everything, anytime with point-and-click ease in your Calendar and Inbox. If you don't use a CRM, you can still leverage the whole array of the released features, while using SpringCM and your Inbox.

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Advanced security

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Robust Search

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Pre-approved Document Templates

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Content Status Monitoring

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