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Inbox/Calendar integration

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What’s new in the edgiest UI

Invisible.io sets a new industry standard in Salesforce integration automation. With its new release of SmartCloud Connect, it transforms users interface of Outlook, Office365 and Exchange integration, utilizing AI and ML technologies to deliver the best of Salesforce.

Meet the first actionable, fully adaptive and flexible UI, offering AI-driven smart advices!

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Turned up to Adaptive

There are no the same emails in your Inbox, so why the Salesforce integration sidebar structure and its content is always static and the same?
SmartCloud Connect is the first to bring it all dynamic, the way it meant to be. Its new Adaptive UI is a foundational change for Inbox\Calendar integration. With each of your state and action, it automatically customizes itself due to every case. The sidebar data also changes as any of your specific team member works. Intelligently suggested
observations and advices -- like a hint re unknown contact for a sales rep or summary of existing Opp for a manager -- appear in a relevant way.

The all-new SmartCloud Connect UX

Invisible.io is the world leader in CRM to Inbox\Calendar connections for last decade. Pioneering this realm since 2005, it is in our DNA to be on the end-user side. We deeply understand that integration by itself has no value. What does value is your productivity and better results. That is why SmartCloud Connect has been redesigned from the ground-up. We help businesses discover the revolution of what is smart and how it is productive, while keeping helping you achieve the most in sales, support, customer success, marketing scenarios and the best of Salesforce.


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