When everyone is looking at AI in the same way - It’s time to look again

See how actionable, AI-driven Email & Calendar data is transforming Salesforce with smart predictions, intelligent recommendations, and timely automation within your native Inbox

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If you can see it,

AI can see it faster

Smart up-to-the-minute 360° dynamic view of any appointment or email, for the entire team due to each specific company LOB.

Intelligently suggested observations and advice:

  • Sales reps get the exact context they need to close ongoing deals automatically

  • Marketing teams attain more qualified leads, nurture them and convert, without spending extra time on filtering data

  • Your service raise client’s satisfaction, while lowering the client’s satisfaction price

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7 examples of SmartCloud Connect

AI-driven scenarios:

  • 1
    Sales: Who knows whom and how it can help me in business?
  • 2
    Sales: Actionable advising observations OR What I should do next to push my deal forward?
  • 3
    Service: What support case this email is related?
  • 4
    All LOBs: What meeting or appointment I should setup to get to the next stage?
  • 5
    Sales/Service: What’s going wrong with my deal or case and how I can fix this?
  • 6
    Marketing: Which marketing campaign I should start for the lead and how I can track it?
  • 7
    All LOBs: How am I performing with my emails and what I should do to increase my KPIs?

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