Welcome to Winter ‘20 Release

This winter season we’ve got presents aplenty, like greater admin control, less pain for sales reps, more mobility for Community Partners, and a brand-new integration for all.

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Saving Emails to Salesforce

Save, link, search like a pro

We’ve completely revamped the email saving dialog in your Sidebar. Besides giving it a sleeker, simpler look, it now allows for a streamlined and efficient workflow. With upgraded search, link more related records directly from search results; manage attachments, add any additional info and more.

wr-main-image Winter Release 2020
wr-search1 Winter Release 2020  wr-search-text Winter Release 2020
wr-records-text Winter Release 2020  wr-adam Winter Release 2020  wr-adam-close Winter Release 2020
wr-search-active Winter Release 2020
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Salesforce Records Auto-Creation

icon-create-account Winter Release 2020  Create Person Accounts automatically

Amazing news for all sales teams working with individuals! Besides auto-creating Leads and Contacts in Salesforce, SmartCloud Connect is now able to automatically create Person Accounts from unrecognized attendees or email recipients.

Partner Community Licenses

icon-profiles2 Winter Release 2020  Have your Partner Community booking page at Force.com

Users of Partner Community Licenses, attention! Not only your partners can enjoy full functionality of SmartCloud Connect, you now also can have your customers view availability and book meetings in real-time.

Salesforce Admin Control

icon-settings-1 Winter Release 2020  Spend zero effort on setup and onboarding

Your Salesforce users will waste zero time and effort on SmartCloud Connect synchronization settings if they don’t use Email Sidebar. Instead, your admins can set it up for the whole organization using Single Service Account. This makes for easier setup and onboarding for everyone.

Calendar Sync

icon-booking-update Winter Release 2020  Say toodle-oo to over-bookings and forgot meetings

All the meeting invites that you didn’t have time to accept are now automatically captured and mirrored in Salesforce. Your private events will now also be captured, mirrored in the Salesforce calendar and marked Busy. They’ll remain private, so that you won’t get booked during a private event.

New Integration

Integrate with RevenueGrid

SmartCloud Connect has got another great addition to the list of integrations. You can connect your Salesforce and SmartCloud Connect to RevenueGrid – a Sales Engagement Platform that helps customer-facing teams drive better customer engagement.

wr-integration Winter Release 2020
pip Winter Release 2020


Product improvements were implemented
during this release

Automated Outreach

Add Leads to Email Sequences directly from your Sidebar

It’s finally here! You can now add a lead to the Email Sequence directly from your Inbox Sidebar. A great addition for sales teams using automated outreach, which allows sending automatic follow-ups and adding new leads to a sequence in one click.

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