SmartCloud Connect announces new features!

SmartCloud Connect is a cloud application that provides a “smart window” from Outlook or Office 365 to Salesforce and synchronizes business information between Salesforce and the users Mailbox. It requires no special efforts to get enabled - anyone with Salesforce and Office365 (Outlook 2013+) accounts can enable it without involving an IT specialists or administrator. SmartCloud Connect offers a wide range of tools, which allows you to perform daily business tasks without leaving the familiar Outlook/Office365 environment and switching to Salesforce. It’s easy to upgrade and maintain the application – since it’s in the cloud, new features are simply added to your mailbox automatically, as soon as we release them! No need to switch to a new version or re-install the product – you can start using new features immediately! So, what’s new in SmartCloud Connect? First, we improved Magic Pixel - a simple code embedded into your email that the recipient does not see, but it gives you insight into your [...]

February 1st, 2016|News

How to Make Sure Clients Actually Read Your Email

How many times do you catch yourself deleting emails before opening them because you know they are bulk emails you do not have time to read? Who has time to read every email? We all receive too many emails every day and, to save time, many are move into the trash folder even before opening it. So how do we make sure our sales emails do not fall into this “auto-delete” category? The more influential the recipient is, the higher your changes are of being ignored. Despite your attempts to make each email seem very personable, you cannot avoid sending bulk emails or making cold calls to your prospects. As a sales professional, you have to master all communication channels and get the maximum benefit from each of them. So… How do we increase the open rate and make sure people at least read your email? Here are some tips that will hopefully increase the amount of replies in your Inbox. 1.     [...]

December 19th, 2015|News

New age for sales – stay free and work from anywhere!

Last IT market trends shows that people – especially in sales heavy enterprises – use more mobile devices than desktop computers. Mobile phones and tablets are now changing the business and dictate new game rules for choosing the right IT strategy. Companies actively implement BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) or moving forward it, changing the way how people work with corporate information and applying new policies. For sales people it means they can more use their personal mobile devices and thus be more mobile and active.  In this new reality they can manage contacts and deals being on the road or visiting client on-site.   For companies applying BYOD has lots of benefits. Managers stay online and available for urgent customer’s requests even in off-business hours. They don’t need laptops or any other corporate device, so it significantly cuts the costs on IT infrastructure.   But without right software people will be just limited with their email and calendar applications and can’t [...]

October 2nd, 2015|News

Smart Cloud Connect Lite for Salesforce is now available on AppExchange!

Imagine being able to get corporate information like contact and account data, open deals, cases, last interactions and social streams all in your email client in a real-time. Imagine you can manage your CRM data from any device, in or out of the office, without specific software, using just the desktop Outlook on Windows and Mac or your web browser? Imagine you can add information from your email messages or calendar events to your CRM system in one click, avoiding double-entry and mistakes. With Smart Cloud Connect Lite for Salesforce, you can. Try the new Microsoft Office Add-In from InvisibleSolutions FREE: It’s available for Office 365 and Exchange 2013+ users on Windows, OSX, Linux, iOS and Android platforms.