March 6th, 2016|Sales

SmartCloud Connect – your personal sales adviser inside your Inbox

SmartCloud Connect for Salesforce is a cloud application that offers Office Add-In – a smart portal embedded into your personal software and available from inside your email or calendar. In addition to Microsoft Exchange and Salesforce synchronization, it provides a virtual window for the user within an email client such as Outlook or Office 365. The window appears seamlessly in Salesforce and synchronizes business information between multiple systems. SmartCloud Connect powers your mailbox with Salesforce Contacts, Activities and Meetings synchronized transparently and bi-directionally. Doesn’t matter if you use Microsoft Outlook, OWA or any other mail client or device connected to Microsoft Exchange: the data is available for you. Here’s how SmartCloud Connect makes you productive: Contacts Your key Salesforce contacts will be placed in newly created Business Contacts folder in Outlook or Office 365. You will always know who is calling, since Contacts Application on your phone already has this information. You can see additional Salesforce fields in your [...]

10 Best Salesforce Apps [Updated]

There are countless productivity apps on AppExchange, but how many of them actually enrich your work life? With a bunch of deals, details about several accounts, and deadlines, there’s a lot for you to keep track of. You’re busy enough as it is, and more often than not, having the right tools can make all the difference. If you haven’t embraced the flood of great software on the sales market, it’s time to start. Here are ten sales time-saving apps that will help you with everything from learning more about your prospects, to taking up care of some of the sales workflows routine that’s eating up your time.   1.     Spring CM SpringCM is a secure, scalable, and highly configurable document and contact management platform. It helps you build document-based workflows and enable collaboration across your entire enterprise. With SpringCM, you can generate, automate, manage, store, and simplify the full lifecycle of your documents and contracts, creating efficient processes to better [...]

February 28th, 2016|Sales

10 habits you should have if you want to become a successful sales person

Successful sales people have many common habits. You can also train yourself to become more productive in sales:   1.     Prepare for a meeting or call When you have a set plan on what you will be saying or doing in a meeting, you will feel more confident, especially if you have properly researched your prospect before your meeting or phone call. It’s extremely important if you are meeting for the first time to remember that the first impression often defines if your relationship will grow into a mutually beneficial cooperation or not. Try to develop a plan of action for different situations, positive and negative, and think how you would react in each case.   2.     Listen to your prospect You can be a good orator, but it’s also important to be a great listener. If you want to close a deal with a prospect, you need to clearly understand what problem he has and how you can help him to [...]

How SmartCloud Connect made my life easier

We decided to ask our customers about why they chose SmartCloud Connect and how their life has changed after they started to use it. Today we’ll share with you a detailed review by one of our customers, which he kindly allowed us to publish. “Our company is using Microsoft Exchange as an email server and Salesforce as a backend CRM system. It was a huge problem for our sales team to log all of our activities into Salesforce since we are mostly not in the office and work from our tablets or smartphones in the field – having meetings or negotiations. We also had a lot of difficulties with accessing Salesforce data, since we need to have it constantly and on the go, and getting updated information such as new meetings or tasks which were created in Salesforce but were not accessible while we’re not logged into the system. We tried to solve our problems with different mobile [...]

February 17th, 2016|Marketing, Sales

How to create a good follow up email?

Whether you met the prospect on a trade show or once you had a conversation with him by phone, you want to set up next meeting or call to develop your further relationships. You decide to write a follow up email to your customer or prospect but you are not sure he’ll reply on it since you don’t have close relationships, and especially if you are going to sell him something. So, how to write a good follow up email? Set objectives. First you need to decide what you want to get from this follow up email. You need to ask about something what your customer can do for you quite easily, or you want to precise some information and engage him in further conversation, or maybe you want to catch up with the connection if you didn’t communicate for a while – you need to set clear objectives and choose proper reason to contact your recipient. But don’t focus too much [...]

Customize everything! How customization works in SmartCloud Connect?

Did you know that with SmartCloud Connect you can easy customize your business objects and fields you need to have access from email or calendar item? It's pretty simple, as one-two-three! Here’s how: 1. Click  on Gear icon in the upper right corner of Mail app:     2. Choose the Business Object you want to see in SmartCloud Connect mail app view OR copy settings from one of your colleagues:     3. Add required fields which you can have in business record Overview. You can also set the appropriate sort order for this object type and filter:   4. Click Customize more and choose proper fields for the detailed record view and their UI layout: Use search to find the field from the list fast:     5. Save your changes and go back to your mail app:     6. You see the new object type appeared in accordance with your changes!     You’re done! Now you can [...]

SmartCloud Connect tech talk

SmartCloud Connect is a cloud-based application, which provides a full set of business tools for integrating Salesforce with your personal environment (email clients, calendar, task applications etc.). It combines powerful synchronization with flexible mail app capabilities, providing users full set of business tools for integrating their personal environment (email clients, calendar, task applications etc.) with CRM. Hosted on a Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure, SmartCloud Connect automatically synchronizes contacts, tasks, events and emails (Exchange PIM objects) – with Salesforce, taking into account customized filters, user rights and other parameters. So all changes of objects made in Salesforce will be brought into your Exchange email, contact, task or calendar application and vice versa. Once in Exchange, all your Exchange connected devices get the enterprise data and can manage and update the information natively. The solution can also support different backend systems – if you can provide the required APIs – and operate business data that can be mapped with contacts, tasks, events and emails. With [...]

Salesforce is calling… InvisibleDialer – an Essential Business Tool

How much of your day do you spend calling sales leads? Don’t you wish there was a quicker way so you would not have to wait through every single ring just to re-record the same voicemail every time? Well, Salesforce is calling! InvisibleDialer is the essential tool for you! If you spend a significant portion of your day on phone calls to customers or prospects, you can save so much time with CTI – Computer Telephony Integration. CTI refers to programs that allow you to make phone calls from inside your CRM system in real time. It also includes automated information logging, creating and running scripts, assigning and distributing call lists, enhanced reporting, and more. With CTI you can simplify your daily call processes, increase user satisfaction, and boost sales and support teams’ productivity. Until recently, the implementation of CTI required significant investments – companies had to purchase expensive hardware and software, pay for installation and support from the CTI provider, and [...]

How to use Outlook as Salesforce

In the world of sales, there is never enough time! We are always busy, who has time to keep track of emails and log their hours? We definitely do not have time to constantly switch between different applications! All we need to do is email the client then use a calendar application for scheduling meetings and calls with clients. We live on our smartphones or tablets! But what happens when something goes wrong and the boss asks for records? Ever heard the boss say “if it’s not in Salesforce, it didn’t happen?”  A common challenge for CEOs and IT specialists to give sales a way to keep records without reducing time spent on closing deals. The good news is that this is an absolutely realistic scenario – give your sales people the tools to work in the email environment they already know and love while having direct access to all Salesforce data. Take out the copy/paste process, no more boring data management, [...]

5 Sales Productivity Metrics Every Manager Should Track

What you cannot measure, you cannot improve. The most commonly misunderstood aspect of the entire sales management processes is the design and the use of metrics. Sales metrics allow management to understand, measure, control, and improve the performances of the sales teams. But how do metrics fit into the role of an average sales manager? Chances are that every sales manager already tracks three metrics within his selling process: calls (or meetings) per day, profitability per salesperson, and target achievement per person. While these metrics may be normal for those still living in the Stone Age, they do not focus on improving the sales funnel. The sales funnel provides a window into the effectiveness of your current sales process. If you break down the sales cycle into sequential steps and track the progress of each sales opportunity, your sales forecasts can become more accurate, and you can diagnose which important opportunities require extra support. Many companies spend a bunch of time and [...]

December 28th, 2015|Sales

How to improve your sales performance in 10 days?

What excelled a year ago is not good enough today, no matter what industry you are in. Today, we need ways to increase sales perfomance and - achieve higher results immediately.  Quick as thought, new competitors emerge, customers' needs grow or change, similar products are launched - the sales profession moves faster every day and you have to work smarter to ensure your survival. Here are some basics to become more successful sales professional in 10 days. Stop planning. Start doing. You may be great at planning, but that does not mean you will achieve your goals and become a successful sales person. The most successful people are entrepreneurs, because they (usually) make things happen. If you spend most of the time planning, you have no time for execution and generating new leads. Start planning your week on Friday evening and spend no more than 30 minutes on this process. If you have a lot of meetings, record them in one place. For example, you [...]

Ways to increase CRM user adoption

CRM market still gathering pace. Last automatization trends shows that investments in CRM has continued to be strong. If the company plan to be effective, wants to grow customer satisfaction and plan to react fast on changing of customer needs, it comes to implementation of CRM system. But at the same time, Forrester research found that 49 % of CRM projects failed. Other researches worn that number is even bigger. Many of CRM adopters reports that CRM didn’t make their business process effective, made data clear and helped to attract and retain more customers. One of the main reasons why CRM projects fall is poor user adoption. More than 42% interviewed people indicate this reason among inadequate change management, insufficient training, and alignment of organizational culture. It happens when integrator or project team pay insufficient attention to user needs and force them to use CRM software in which users don’t see any benefit for them personally. Project teams and integrators develop whole [...]