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Welcome to SmartCloud Connect for Salesforce Knowledge Base

The section GETTING STARTED contains general product description articles (ESSENTIALS) as well as step-by-step guides on installing and running the product followed by overviews of the key SmartCloud Connect features and available user actions (FIRST STEPS).

The section USING THE PRODUCT contains articles providing in-detail descriptions of various nuances of SmartCloud Connect functioning, categorized as HOW TO-S practical guides and HOW IT WORKS explanations of underlying mechanics.

The section SETUP & CONFIGURATION contains descriptions of all Customization and Synchronization settings available to users having corresponding permissions (USER SETTINGS) and SmartCloud Connect Administrator’s guides (ADMIN SETUP & ACTIONS).

The final section CLASSIC VIEW GUIDES contains articles specific for using SmartCloud Connect’s Classic view - Add-In user interface used in several Desktop implementations of the product.