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Switching Between SmartCloud Connect Views (Adaptive - Classic)

SmartCloud Connect user interface is available in two views: the default Adaptive view (also known as Cognitive user interface) and the obsolete Classic view (also known as the Detailed View).

The Adaptive view is designed for enhanced user experience: simplicity of use through intuitive record types and actions grouping, quick key actions access to improve overall data entry speed, better adaptability for different screen resolutions, and so on this ensures an optimize operations flow between the user, SmartCloud Connect, and Salesforce.

The Classic view unrolls many record categories and functions on a single interface screen; this view lacks the special optimization advantages, however it is more customary for some product users.

To switch between the views in SmartCloud Connect, do the following:

  1. Click the (Menu) button in SmartCloud Connect Sidebar and select Customization to open the Customization page in your web browser.

  1. In the top right-hand side of the Customization page, toggle the Use Adaptive view; Classic view is used when unchecked checkbox in the Application Settings area.

  1. Click Save in the right-hand side of the slide down panel that appears at the top of Customization page.

  2. Close the Add-In, allow up to 30 seconds and reopen it.