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How To Share Calendar Availability in SmartCloud Connect Schedulding Assistant

The Share My Availability feature allows sharing your availability periods based on your calendar data with business contacts, for example to negotiate a meeting time convenient for all participants involved or to schedule a series of meetings with different contacts. All currently unoccupied time slots in your calendar are parsed to be shared as a link to an interactive scheduling table webpage.

This article describes the implementation of this feature in SmartCloud Connect Adaptive view. Please refer to this article if you are using the Classic view. Refer to this article to learn which SmartCloud Connect view you are using.

To share your availability periods:

1. Open the SmartCloud Connect sidebar for a relevant or a newly created email message in MS Outlook by clicking the Open SmartCloud Connect button.

2. In the sidebar, click Share my availability under Smart actions.

3. Fill in the meeting details (Meeting subject, Location and Duration, Body (Description)) . The Meeting subject field is prefilled with the subject of related email message. In Location picklist you can select a location from your MS Exchange rooms resources or manually enter a location. The minimum meeting Duration and its increase step is 15 minutes. At this step you may also select a record to associate the event with from the Save to Salesforce record picklist. Please note that if you leave this field blank the event will not be auto-shared in Salesforce.

4. SmartCloud Connect will generate a short link leading to a Scheduling Assistant web page with a table showing your availability periods based on your calendar data. Click on the corresponding icons to copy the link or open it in your web browser, if needed, or click Finish and the link will be automatically inserted into the message.

The list of meeting Attendees is populated with recipients from the To and CC fields of the invitation message; the sender of the invitation is listed as the Organizer. When the recipients open the link, they can select their preferred time slot by dragging the Book a meeting control. Once a time slot is selected, it will be automatically reserved in your calendar and you will receive a corresponding notification.


Please note that in the latest versions of SmartCloud Connect you can setup MS Outlook reminders to be created automatically for meetings initiated via Scheduling Assistant.

Quick Send Availability

Besides the Share My Availability feature you can use the Quick Send Availability shortcut located next to the Open SmartCloud Connect button in MS Outlook ribbon to quickly send your availability slots omitting the second and the third steps.

After you click this button, the availability table link will immediately be inserted into the email message.


Please note that by default the share availability links expire 365 days after their creation date. This period can be adjusted on request.


Please note that when you are using this feature from the Sidebar running in MS Outlook on a mobile device you will not be able to edit the text of the resulting email – a pre-configured Salesforce message template will be used instead and the message with the link you generated will be sent by the Add-In directly.