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How to Install SmartCloud Connect in MS Outlook for Mac

Office 365


Alternatively, you can install the Add-In via or <https:// your web browser. See details in this article.


SmartCloud Connect installation in MS Outlook for Mac follows the standard MS Outlook addin installation steps:

1. Click Get Add-ins in MS Outlook for Mac ribbon


2. MS Outlook Add-In management window will be opened. In the Search add-ins box on the right-hand side, type “SmartCloud” and select SmartCloud Connect for Salesforce


3. In the next window that appears, click Add


You will see SmartCloud Connect icons added to MS Outlook for Mac ribbon:


The Add-In will now also be available for your mail account logged in on other compatible devices with MS Outlook running. This way, you won’t need to install it additionally in your MS Outlook Mobile for iOS and Android, Outlook on the Web/Office 365 (,, or MS Outlook for Windows.


4. Next, you need to log on to SmartCloud Connect

Important note:

Before you log on to SmartCloud Connect in MS Outlook for MacOS, it is necessary to perform an initial log on via Outlook on the Web in your web browser. This is a one-time step required because of certain peculiarities how the browser pop-up window necessary for the initial SCC authentication is handled on MacOS. To do that:

​     4.1. Open in your web browser and log in with your Office 365 or Exchange mail credentials

​     4.2. Open SmartCloud Connect Sidebar (see this article to learn how to do that)

​     4.3. In the Sidebar, select Connect to Salesforce or another available login option. Note: make sure that your Safari browser does not block pop-up windows

​     4.4. A standard Salesforce Single Sign-On pop-up window will be opened. Enter your Salesforce login credentials and click Log in to authorize SCC to work with your Salesforce data.

Now you may proceed to logging on to SmartCloud Connect in MS Outlook for MacOS.